Siggi Björns - Roll On (2021)

Siggi Björns & Franziska Günther - Songs We Didn't Write: (2019) 

We’ve been playing quite a few duo shows lately and people keep asking us for a CD as a souvenir to take home. So, in february 2019, during a gig week at Baltic Hotel Zinnowitz (Usedom) in Germany, we recorded a collection of songs we play together live. The hotel kindly offered us one of their conference rooms for the recordings. And when we picked up the keys, we found out that the room was named „Bornholm“. Like the Danish sunshine island where Siggi starts his 30th season this summer and where we’ve met years ago. So that fit perfectly. Here they are now, fourteen spontaneous live takes of „Songs We Didn’t Write“. We hope you enjoy them.

KAOS - Live at Kastens
Siggi Björns (ISL), Franziska Günther (D), Esben Langkniv (DK)
Hoppla! So war das gar nicht gedacht… Als der Isländer Siggi Björns, die Mecklenburgerin Franziska Günther und der Däne Esben Langkniv im Frühjahr 2017 ihre gemeinsame Tour in Dänemark, Deutschland und Holland absolvierten, war eigentlich nichts Weiteres geplant. Es zeigte sich jedoch schnell, dass die drei Sänger und Songschreiber riesigen Spaß an der Zusammenarbeit hatten und das ging auch dem Publikum so. Daher wurde prompt entschieden, für Herbst 2018 eine neue KAOS-Tour zu organisieren. Und es gab da diesen Mitschnitt vom Abschluss-Konzert in Kastens Gasthaus in Norddeutschland. Weil darin Musik, Publikum und die gesamte Atmosphäre der KAOS-Tour so wunderbar eingefangen sind, kommt diese Aufnahme jetzt als Live-CD heraus. Da alles mit einem einfachen Stereo-Diktiergerät aufgenommen wurde, ist die technische Qualität nicht perfekt, auch musikalisch ist nicht alles fehlerfrei, ABER als Ganzes zeigt der Mitschnitt, was Live-Musik und ein lebendiges Publikum zusammen erschaffen können. Eine echte Platte, die auf der Folk&Roots-Tradition aufbaut, dass ein Lied, Gesang, Gitarre und Publikum zusammen ein wunderbares Erlebnis kreieren können. Viel Vergnügen!

Siggi Björns & The Acoustics
- Jamsession at Rickenbacker's Berlin
Special guest: Fru Hansen
This is a live recording of a gig in Berlin on St.Patrick's Day 2017. This time I brought in "The Berlin Acoustics" along with my son Magnús on djembe. The Berlin Acoustics are a group of friends here in Berlin, known musicians from the green city. We met years ago at Rickenbacker's when I ran a Wednesday "acoustic jam session", and since then I've got them together once a year for a fun gig just before Christmas.  This concert in spring  (a half organized jam session) has been recorded and filmed. A selection of songs have landed on a CD. On the tracklist are known and not so  known songs, plus few of mine that I had never played in public before.


"Æfing" from Flateyri is a band that Siggi Björns played with for the first time Easter 1971, and then on and off through the years. Fortyfive years after founding the band, they released their first album in 2013. Through the years they played local dances and balls, mostly covers from hitlists but with this cd they bring in original songs in Icelandic, mostly with stories from the village. 
A band like this has had a big meaning to the social life in a little, and sometimes isolated village in north west Iceland and because of the guys that started Æfing 45 years ago, many musicians come from Flateyri and are active in Icelandic musiclife today on all levels. 
The whole weekend 16 - 19 May 2013 around the release concert was full of happenings of all kinds, a good input to a fisher-village in beautiful nature, the summerlight is kicking in about this time of the year, nights are magic and the mountains overlook the whole thing.