A Saturday evening at Gasthaus Kastens in Schmalförden is always one of a kind.

This time I went with Franziska Günther and my son Magnús to see "Bob's Your Uncle" and do a little spot before they went on stage. "B.Y.U." is a band witch my longtime partner in crime, Keith Hopcroft is in, with Thomas Rene Clausen, Mark Saxton and the Australian Craig Stephens . A band worth hearing and seeing. The evening was pure fun with friends and the amazing atmosphere in Kastens. Our Bürgermeister Hans Jürgen Schumacher had an amazing Rock'n'roll spot..(ROCK SCHUMIE) and the house was packed with guests, and the guests that come to Kastens are one of a kind. Doesn't get any better. This was the first time my son Magnús was on the road as a working musician, and I must say, I'm pretty proud of him. Thanks to you all, and we (Franziska, Magnús and i) are looking forwards to the next KASTENS. This was all organised by KulturGut Ehrenburg. Amazing group of people that set up all kind of cultural stuff in the area.

Here's an article that captures the evening well: Read the article

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